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Dr. Srivanth Dasari

Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Hyderabad

“With the latest Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and Science whether my patients undergo surgery or a conservative treatment to improve their quality of life and return back to the work or what they love to do gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction and I feel the most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the joy in their faces after best outcome.” 

Dr. Srivanth Dasari is an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic surgery at KNR University. He completed Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Master of surgery in Orthopaedics at NTR University. He was trained in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery under the mentorship of Dr. Young Rae Moon, President of the Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society and Director of Korean Society of Sports Medicine in South Korea and Medical Team Head, Kia Professional Baseball team.

Dr. Srivanth specializes in the comprehensive treatment of Shoulder, Knee and elbow conditions. He utilizes both operative and non-operative techniques for improvement of the patients to top-level performance in sports, work, and everyday life activities. With a focus on patient education, Dr. Srivanth patiently explains to his patients to ensure they fully understand their orthopaedic options and outcomes.
Dr. Srivanth’s additional training in Ultrasound imaging allows him to care for patients who have MRI contraindications due to pacemakers, implants in their bodies or fear of enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia). Dr. Srivanth specializes in utilizing Orthobiologics like  Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) to treat certain sports injuries and degenerative conditions. 

Dr. Srivanth is especially committed to the practice of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and is actively involved in learning and practicing recent advances in research in the field of Orthopaedics and implement them in his everyday practice. From amateur player to pro athletes, from daily wage laborer to highest management Professional whoever it is Dr.Srivanth provides the same world-class skill and personalized care to treat all patients.
Dr. Srivanth Dasari has a particular interest and specialized training in complex Shoulder, Elbow & Knee disorders like


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