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Knee Replacement

What is Arthritis and why does my Knee Hurt?

Knee joint has a layer of smooth cartilage between end of thighbone and top of calf bone. This cartilage serves as a cushion and allows smooth motion of knee. Arthritis is wearing away of this cartilage. Eventually it wears down to the bone. Rubbing of bone against bone causes discomfort, swelling and stiffness. Pain is commonly in the knee may radiate to thigh, calf or back of knee. Often pain will worsen after periods of immobility. Most of the knees wear out on the inside first followed by the outside and kneecap.

What is a Total Knee Replacement?

A total knee replacement is an operation that removes the arthritic bone and damaged cartilage from the knee joint. The knee replaced with a metal and plastic covering that simulates the natural cartilage. This creates a smoothly functioning joint that does not hurt. The natural tendons and muscles are left in place to allow the joint to function smoothly.

What are the Results of Total Knee Replacement?

95% of our patients experience good or excellent results after the initial healing period. They have little to no pain and are able to enjoy a wide variety of activities with few restrictions. Most can ursue moderate exercise, walk long distances, drive or play active sports.

When should I have this type of Surgery?

Decision is based on patient’s history and examination. Surgery is suggested when non-operative methods no longer control the pain.